How To Use WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin For On-Page SEO?

Hey, are looking for wordpress yoast SEO plugin then you are right place. Today i am sharing in this article how to use wordpress yoast SEO plugin for on-page SEO?

How To Use WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin For On-Page SEO?

How To Use Yoast SEO?

You’ll see a Yoast SEO box underneath every blog post in WordPress Editor to manage all of the things you do. For Example, a blog post in bloggingcraft is a display like this, yet I didn’t write anything.

snippet editor yoast seo

After that I wrote a complete blog post, together with everything set, such as Title Added, images added, internal and outbound linking etc. also. After that, I entered my keyword in the field of Title, Meta Description and Focus keyword in the Yoast SEO box for which I want to rank this blog post.

Then this box has become something as shown in the screenshot below:

on page seo by yoast seo plugin

So as I entered the keyword, it analyzed all blog post’s content and told me whether it’s a good SEO. Let us first know its content analysis factors.

Firstly, showing a red dot, and saying that you are linking to another page whose focus keyword is what you want to rank. So he is advising that you remove it.

Next, let’s move, it’s saying that, alt text of images on your page is also set, which is a factor of SEO, so it’s OK too.

Then there’s all orange and dots green, which means that you’ve optimized your post to great on-page SEO. However, in your case, you may not have to improvement in your content to view its content analysis.

Likewise, they are also telling other factorss, such as

  • Keyword density
  • Meta description
  • Number of words
  • is keyword coming to the first paragraph?
  • Do not focus keyword is used in the header tags?
  • Have you never used these keyword before?
  • is not keyword in meta description?

So you have to configure all of these things and if all is good, green will display the dot, Medium, orange, if not red. In other words, the different dots of different conditions indicate:

Green – Great, Orange – OK, Red – Need to Improve

Another great feature of Yoast SEO plugin is that you can also change the meta information of your blog post or page. Yoast SEO will be a snippet preview in the meta box that will show you how your blog post will be displaying in the search engine.

You can click on any section and then edit it. such as meta title, Meta description and permalink.

So in this way you can help Yoast SEO plugins to make your content on-page optimize. But keep an eye on it is only an esitmation based tool. Natural things can only be identified by you. So do not depend completely on this plugin.

Final Words:

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