The Samsung Galaxy S10 is rumored to have a bunch of new features, including a triple-lens camera – here’s everything we know so far


It’s normal to expect better camera performance on an upcoming smartphone model, but Samsung itself described its new technology that could feature in the Galaxy S10 in a blog post.

Samsung calls the technology “Isocell Plus,” and it’s meant to “capture more light, significantly increasing light sensitivity and color fidelity” for “even more accurate and clearer photos in challenging light environments.”

Samsung says the technology gives a smartphone camera up to 15% better more sensitivity to light. That’s to say the low-light performance of the Galaxy S10 — if it contains Samsung’s Isocell Plus technology — will be even better than the Galaxy S9, which is already the best camera performer in low-light situations.

The Galaxy S10’s camera could also have a higher megapixel count, as the Isocell Plus technology allows for a 20-megapixel sensor “without any loss in performance.”

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