How To Optimize Blog For Search Engines Using Google Search Console

Hey, are you looking for optimize your blog for google search engine. Today i am sharing in this article how to optimize blog for search engine using google search console.

Google Webmaster is a amazing tool and you will never avoid the Google Webmaster tool if you blogger a serious. SEO point of view is also a life saviour, it gives you full information about your website in Google search engine.

How To Optimize Blog For Search Engines Using Google Search Console

Webmaster tools offer several tools that will help you analyse your blog completely and you can also work on it better rank your blog in search engine. Just remember that search engine optimization is a gradual process and cannot be achieve in one night. Sometimes it takes weeks even months. I will not talk about backlinks and other strategy to improve rank here. Instead, in this post I’ll tell how you can optimize your blog for search engines using the free SEO tool like Google Webmaster tools.

How To Optimize Blog For Search Engines Using Google Search Console

1. Submit Sitemap To Google:-

This is the first thing you should do. Generate your blog’s sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tool. This will help Google crawl your website properly. And you will also be able to track how many links Google is indexing. If you have not submitted sitemap yet, submit a sitemap to Google webmaster tool today.

2. Webmaster Settings:-

Webmaster settings allow you to enable certain things like Geographical target etc. If your blog or service is limited to a particular region, configure it as such. For example, one of my client’s WordPress blog is for Australian Kids fashion. So her blog geographical target is Australia set. This should happen with your blog or service as well. If your blog is globally target, leave it the same.

WordPress itself concerns the WWW and the non-www. Nevertheless, I would advise you to go to the Google Webmaster tool and configure this setting. The Crawl rate depends on how often you update your blog. I always leave it on Google. However, it updates your blog several times a day and a week.

3. Manage Google Site Link To Your Site:-

Site links are the pages of your site and website that Google considers to be useful, and from my experience, I would like to say that the pages you link to more than determine the site link. Many times Google also makes short link to useful posts and pages such as Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. In this situation, you can configure the site links of your website with this feature of the webmaster tool. You can not link to your website’s site links but you can block unwanted links from here.

4. Site Analysis:-

When it comes to maintain the search engine ranking and improves it, it is the biggest challenge to find top ranking keyword. The Search queries feature of the Google Webmaster tool batayegas You rank the angle keyword. It also has your position on Google and posts linked to how many links. They have corrected it a few times and have also add post link and search engine placement features. You can also use WordPress plugin like SEO Smart link to convert keyword to auto link. This will also keep your ranking, and it’ll also push your post to the page before the second page.

5. Keyword:-

It is more important to rank the Right Keyword rather than rank for the wrong Keyword. If your blog is about shoes and you rank from keywords like shirts and trousers, you also come across the first page, which is traffic useless. The Google Webmaster tool makes sure which keywords are used when crawling a site.

If you are rank on wrong keyword, your strategy should be that you try to show finds and related and useful keyword search engine for this reason.

Final Words:

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