How To Make WordPress Blog SEO Friendly

Hey, are you looking for the make seo friendly wordpress blog then you are right place. Today i am sharing in this article How To Make WordPress Blog SEO Friendly.

WordPress is the best wordpress blogging platform You will read these very often. The main reason for this is that WordPress blog is very easy to make SEO friendly.

How To Make WordPress Blog SEO Friendly

You can make WordPress blog seo friendly in a very easy way with the help of WordPress SEO plugins.

WordPress needs to setup a lot of things to make search engine friendly. How to make Blog SEO Friendly

What Types Of Things You Can Do To Set Up WordPress blog To Make SEO Friendly

1. Use the SEO Plugin:-

If done, to make WordPress blog SEO friendly, there are many more plugins for this.

But the best plugin by which you can make your blog SEO friendly, the plugin has been named WordPress SEO by Yoest.

This is a SEO plugin and you can install this plugin in your WordPress blog. This is a free plugin.

You will not have to pay any kind of money to use it.


WordPress SEO by YOAST is the best SEO plugin. In addition to setting up this plugin, you need to change something else in your WordPress blog.

2. WordPress Permalink:-

The default permalink of WordPress is setting a bad seo. WordPress has the new permalink options add-in to your recent version! But still the default permalink of WordPress looks something like this.


I’ve seen many new WordPress blog’s that are using a similar default permalink.

I will not give anyone such advice to use the default permalink of WordPress.

I hope you don’t mistake this. If you have been using WordPress’s default permalink yet, you can change it now.

and choose the permalink that the search engine is friendly. If you keep your permalink search engine friendly, this will be a great advantage. This is a very important SEO setting.

The best structure Post name in Permalink structures is:

3. Replytocom And Other URL Parameters:-

This is also a very big SEO issue that has hit bloggers who use WordPress for a lot of time.

If this is the issue in your WordPress blog, then you can see it in the comment box. If you see the reply link of your comment box, then it looks like this!


You can fix this by using WordPress SEO by Yoast’s permalink option.

In addition, you can also fix this problem by going to the Google Webmaster tool’s URL parameter settings. This was an example, in addition, too many URLs are parameters that WordPress uses.


If you set the URL parameter settings correctly for Webmaster Tools, you will never have to face this WordPress SEO issue.

4. WordPress blog speed:-

Loading your blog’s loading time in search engine rankings is a very important factor.

If you add a new plugin and theme, your blog’s loading time may be slow.

If your WordPress blog loading time is slow, then it may have an effect in your search engine ranking. It is very bad with the approach of SEO. So the loading time of the blog is a very important thing.

There is also a reason of slow loading of the Blog to make use of bad hosting.

If you are a WordPress user then you can solve the problem of slow loading of your blog via plugin. WordPress has many such plugin that help increase the loading speed of your blog.

Wpsuper Cache and W3 Total cache are two of the best plugin that we can use to optimize our blog for SEO and increase the loading speed of blogs.

At this time I am using W3 total cache plugin caching in my wordpress blog. With the help of this plugin, the performance of my WordPress blog is improving very well.

Along with this you can also use plugin for image optimize.

If you use the correct plugin correctly, your WordPress blog loading speed will also be fast and the SEO of your blog is also very strong. Along with this, you should also use your WordPress dashborad to clean things up time to time.

If you do all these things in your WordPress blog, then I hope your WordPress blog will be great with SEO.

Final Words:

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