How To Create An AdSense Account For Blog

Hey, are you looking for how to create an adsense account for blog then you are right place. Today i am sharing in this article how to create an adsense account for blog.

This is a very important advertising program on the Internet that provides advertisements on the website/blog. This is the best advertisement for blog. Through this post, I will explain to you how to create an AdSense account for your website/blog.

How To Create An AdSense Account For Blog

However, there are many adsense websites like money making on the internet, but no matter what network you try, because after all the network usage, you will know that AdSense is the best network.

When I started blogging, “Adsense” seemed to me an overseas concept when I first signed up for Google Adsense, I had to get help from one of my friends because I did not know that I was doing everything right Am or not.

There is nothing to know about Adsense and I do not know anything about AdSense, so I tell them that AdSense is an advertiser program for those publishers who have been started by Google, in which relevant ads are available on your blog / website Is given on and when someone clicks on an advertisement, you get the money.

Through this post I will teach those who are new and do not know how to create an AdSense account. Keep in mind the things you need to create an account on Google AdSense, then only apply.

First of all, you should be a website / blog and you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are not 18, you can ask your parents or guardian and make a name on their name.

Secondly, your blog should be about 6 months old.

Some steps to create an AdSense account:

AdSense recently made some changes to its account approval process, including the following

1. First sign up on AdSense.

2. After that, place adsense ads on your blog.

3. Wait for your account to review whether your account has been accepted or rejected.

Even though the acceptance process for the new AdSense ads is very long, it is also the right to keep the privacy of Adsense all users.

It is also important that you ensure that your blog does not ad here to AdSense policies permanently, and yes, read the AdSense terms and conditions that are kept in the sign-up page.

How to Create an Adsense Account by Step-by-Step Guide:

First of all, go to the AdSense signup page and you’ll see the option to create a new Google Account or see the option to use a Google Account you already created, if you have a domain-specific email address, I would suggest Which you chose.

If you do not have access, sign up for your AdSense account with your existing email address.

NOTE:- I have seen many bloggers to get more success in the domain-specific email address in today’s time.

You can use your existing email address for signup or you can create a new gmail ID for Adsense.

NOTE:- If you want quick approval, then I suggest that you use ZohoMail and create a domain-specific email address in free.

When I tried to signup through the generic Gmail address, I was rejected four times, after that I got a domain-specific email address and applied, which gave me very quick approval.

Once you signup into Google Adsense, you need to apply AdSense code to your blog. After that, the Adsense team tests your application again. After that your account becomes activate and after this you will be sent to Adsense Pin.

All these processes take about one to two months and the time depends on your geographical location.

Once everything is set up, Adsense gives two information and demands to pay to you.

  • Submit your tax information
  • Enter your pin

Now you need to submit your tax information, it depends on how you are entitled to do business.

AdSense Pin:

Your Adsense PIN will be sent to your registered email account. When your Adsense account reaches $ 10 or more, add this Adsense PIN to your Adsense account. After that you can get paid by Adsense whenever your account will reach $ 100 or more.

Final Words:

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