How To Buy A Hosting From Godaddy To Create A Blog

Hey, are you looking for how to buy a hosting from godaddy then you are right place. Today i am sharing in this article how to buy a hosting from godaddy to crate a blog.

Godaddy is one of the world’s top hosting companies and offers all types of hosting and domains to introduce users like you and me.

How To Buy A Hosting From Godaddy To Create A Blog

If you are buying hosting for the first time then I’m publish that there will be some questions in your mind. In this tutorial, I’ll share the step by step guide to buying hosting with Godaddy with you.

Godaddy offers free domain name on some hosting plans too.

If you would like to much of your hosting purchase, I would advise you to buy hosting for long time.

You Need To Answer These Two Questions Before Purchasing The Hosting From Godaddy:-

What Platform Are You Going To Use To Create Your Website?

If you are using WordPress (it runs 22% of the world’s websites), then you need to buy WordPress hosting powered by Godaddy.

If your platform is not WordPress, you can purchase general hosting package from Godaddy.

How Many Websites Do You Want To Host?

You also need to choose a package based on your hosting clients’requirement. For example, the starter hosting package is good for a site. And the Basic WordPress-hosting package is good for a WordPress site.

If you have answered both of these questions and have decide up which hosting package you need to purchase, follow this tutorial to purchase your first Web hosting from Go and Godaddy.

In my case, I only had to host a website (which you are currently reading), so I chose her Basic WordPress hosting package. Its cost is only Rs.99 / month, which is one of the cheapest hosting packages I can buy at this price.

How To Buy Web Hosting From Godaddy And Get Free Domain?

Go to this link and click on Hosting above and select WordPress.


Choose the hosting package you want to buy. In my case, I bought the Basic WordPress hosting package.


Click on Configure to get started.

STEP 1:-

On the next page, select SSL certificate.

If you are going to set up an E-commerce website, choose SSL certificate. Otherwise, I would recommend not adding Site Protection and SSL certificate options. In my case, I skipped it. Click Continue.

STEP 2:-

free domain

If you have selected hosting for a year like mine then you can find the free domain with your hosting. On this page, enter the domain name that you want to get free. You. com.. Co, .net and. org domainuser can find free. After you select the domain name, click the Continue.

STEP 3:-

These are Checkout pages. Select the hosting term on this page. I would advise you to buy it for 24-36 months, because there is no discount on hosting renewals.

This is the page on which you will review your order.


However, GoDaddy is trustworthy of millions of people and is famous for its service, but you should know that GoDaddy is discredited for when it comes to upselling.

This will attract you to purchase extra related domainers, add more add-on services (upselling) that I recommend to avoid. Too many users take purchase add-ons and never use it.

Click on Proceed to checkout and here you need to create your hosting account. If you have a Godaddy account already, you can use it to login and save your time.

Paying For Hosting:-

Hosting Payment

After the Account is created, the next step is to payment. Godaddy is one of the few hosting that support Fires’multiple payment methods. Usually I pay with my Credit card, because this saves the transaction fees. Depending on your preference, you should make a payment by choosing the payment method.

As soon as you have completed carer, you can start creating your own WordPress site at Godaddy. If you would like to buy a hosting through cash, Hostgator buy a hosting from India.

Final Words:

I hope guys you like this article about How To Buy A Hosting From Godaddy To Create A Blog. If you have any question about How To Buy A Hosting From Godaddy To Create A Blog then feel free to comment below.

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