Essential Subscription Options For Your Blog – Important

Hey, are you looking for essential subscription options for your blog then you are right place. Today i am sharing in this article essential subscription options for your blog – important.

Hundreds of available membership options can be difficult to choose from. One big mistake is that many bloggers offer many options and confuse their blog readers. For this reason, bloggers reduce the interest related to their visitors, and also reduces the likelihood of choosing one of them.

Essential Subscription Options For Your Blog – Important

In today’s post we will discuss that there are some subscription options for the blog. Before proceeding further in this discussion, always remember that before adding anything to your blog, you should know well that this extra impact will affect your blog’s performance on your goals.

A leading “follow-up” button on various social networking sites helps develop and develop your blog community, as well as attracting followers quickly. Since Google’s SEO criteria are constantly changing, it is possible for bloggers and internet marketers to use free power with the power of Facebook, Twitter, and email list, as well as search engine optimization for the Google Network. Has become very important to use.

Most Useful For Any Website Subscription Options


We will begin with a look at the most important available options, which is the feed reading.

FeedBurner (a Google product) is one of the most widely used services, due to being a free product, there are some limitations, but FeedBurner fulfills the most important tasks, such as feed subscription and email subscription.

Prior to this, FeedBurner had offered auto-tweeting post, but this feature was removed for some reasons. It is still a highly recommended service that every blogger should use from the first day.

Serious internet marketers who want to create their email list, Aber will provide better service to their needs.

Twitter Follow Button:-

Each blog should have its own Twitter profile, which will help in the presence of social media. Ideally, you have to tweet the link to all the new posts on Twitter profile.

Twitter has long been a major source of social traffic, if your Twitter profile is impressive (examines its client score), then this link will help cross the juice.

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Google+ Follow:-

When Google launched Search Plus Your World (SPYW), Google’s intention was to create its own social networking site explicitly, a blogger or Internet marketer’s more follower, better.

The Google+ Follow button provides an easy way to create and add to your blog. You should implement the Google +1 button on your blog that readers can quickly vote for you and easily +1 the content they like.

Facebook Fan Page:-

According to a Google Research in Facebook, with 900 million + users, Facebook’s choice does not affect search engine ranking. However, if a strong brand wants to make a presence, then Facebook should be a fax page. Besides, when you have an impressive page on Facebook, it can help you get lots of traffic to your blog posts.

You can use WordPress plugins like JetPack to automatically publish on Facebook, however, I suggest sharing posts manually with notes. You can choose Fan Page ads for more targeted fans.

If you are running a service oriented website, design the page so that it does not describe your products or services, but also helps in incorporating users.

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Roost Subscription Plugin:-

The Roost plugin (works on WordPress, Blogger, and other platforms) lets you add push-based subscriptions to your blog, this plugin works only on the Mac system’s Safari browser, but seeing a growing number of Mac users per day , It must be necessary for 2015 membership option. This is a free plugin and does not take more than 5 minutes to configure it.

Youtube Subscribe Button:-

YouTube internet marketers are a great way to get traffic. Your main page ranking through YouTube video is the latest trend You must have seen that at least one YouTube video target is on the first or second page of the search query results, according to the YouTube “+1” button with buttons of Google + 1 Is changing, so it becomes clear that YouTube can make videos extremely effective in the future.


You can use the WordPress Plugin, which can make it easy to add social media buttons. If you use the Jetpack WordPress plugin, you have the option to use this option. Now you can see where you are.

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