Apple Linux And Unix Shortcut Keys

Hello Friends, aaj me aapko is post me apple computer ki shortcut keys and linux and unix operating system ki shortcut keys ke bare batane ja raha hu.

apple linux shortcut keys

Apple Shortcut Keys

Open Apple+Down Opens the selected icon.
Shift+Click Select the icon and add it to the set of those selected.
Tab Highlight the next icon inside the folder, in alphabetical order.
Shift+Tab Highlight the previous icon inside the folder, in alphabetical order.
Left arrow Used when viewing by icon to select icon to the left of the one highlighted.
Right arrow Used when viewing by icon to select icon to the right of the one highlighted.
Up arrow Used to select the icon above the one currently highlighted.
Down arrow Used to select the icon below the one currently highlighted.
Open Apple+? Mac help.
Open Apple+E Eject.
Open Apple+Shift+Up Arrow Used to direct the input focus to the desktop level.
Open Apple+M Minimize window.
Open Apple+N New finder window.
Open Apple+Shift+N New folder.
Open Apple+W Close the current window.
Open Apple+C Copy the selected item to the clipboard.
Open Apple+F

Open Apple+E

Display the find dialog box.


Open Apple+V Paste item from the clipboard.
Open Apple+L Make alias.
Open Apple+R Show original item.
Open Apple+T Add to favorites.
Open Apple+O Open the selected icon.
Open Apple+X Cut the selected item.
Open Apple+G Repeat the last find operation.
Open Apple+Shift+G Takes a snapshot of the screen and saves it to a PICT file.
Command+A Select all text and objects.
Command+B Change selected text to boldface.
Command+F Open the Find window.
Command+I Italicize the selected text.
Command+P Open the Print dialog window.
Command+U Underline the selected text.
Command+Shift+P Open the Page Setup window, to change document parameters.
Command+Shift+Control+3 Capture screenshot of current screen and save to the Clipboard.

Linux And Unix Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+B Moves the cursor backward one character.
Ctrl+C Cancels the currently running command.
Ctrl+D Logs out of the current session.
Ctrl+F Moves the cursor forward one character.
Ctrl+H Erase one character. Similar to pressing backspace.
Ctrl+P Paste previous line(s).
Ctrl+S Stops all output on-screen (XOFF).
Ctrl+Q Turns all output stopped on-screen back on (XON).
Ctrl+U Erases the complete line.
Ctrl+W Deletes the last word typed.
Ctrl+Z Cancels current operation.

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